Auto Glass

A Quality Glass Company uses only experienced technicians with an average of 20+ years experience to install your Auto Glass and they have been with us for many years.

A Quality Glass Company uses the highest Quality glass available, including OEM glass (original equipment manufacturer). We use factory approved OEM sealers, Quality mouldings, and we will install your glass according to factory installation techniques for your particular vehicle.

If convenience is what you are looking for, A Quality Glass Company will send a certified technician to your home, business, or if necessary, we will even pickup your vehicle and deliver back to you!

A Quality Glass Company provides you with peace of mind because we stand behind every piece of glass we install with a Lifetime Warranty. Rest assured that for years to come, you will be protected by the finest workmanship in the industry.

Can you say "Free Windshield?"

If you have an insurance claim, no problem, A Quality Glass Company works with ALL insurance companies. In fact, if you call us first, we will handle all of the paperwork for you. We guarantee there will be no out of pocket costs for you unless of course, you have a deductible, which is extremely rare in Minnesota.

Automobile Safety

Our Mission is not to install your windshield; our Mission is to keep you safe! We use the finest Quality glass, factory sealers and hire only experienced and certified employees, who are trained and updated on the most recent installation techniques.

Most people are not aware that their windshield has a purpose other than keeping the wind and rain out of your face. Your windshield is actually categorized as a safety device just like your airbags and your safety belts.

It plays a large role in the structural integrity of your vehicle and in the case of a rollover, it is designed to help support the weight of a vehicle and keep the roof from caving in on you.

Your windshield is also instrumental in keeping the passenger of the vehicle from being ejected, a leading cause of death in rollover type collisions.

Another reason your windshield is considered a safety device is that it works hand in hand with your airbag system. When an airbag is deployed, it reaches speeds in excess of 150 mph. Your windshield acts as a backboard to support the airbag and therefore, plays an important role in providing your safety in the event of a collision or rollover.

At A Quality Glass Company, we do not take short cuts when it comes to installing your automobile glass; your safety is far too important to us! If you want a safe, Quality glass installation, call
A Quality Glass Company today

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